Mr Mwangi is an agronomist /sociologist specializing in community development with 20 years international experience in managerial, training and facilitation roles. He has various in-service training courses attended locally and overseas back my field experience. I am an excellent trainer and facilitator with interpersonal and communication skills. He has M.A in Sociology and Community Development and BSc in Agriculture.

He has just completed an assignment on development of Sub-catchment management plans (SCMP) for Kundos and Kipchorian tributaries o the Nyando River with Repcon Associates funded by LVEMP (II). He was also recently involved in u ndertaking the MWI Irrigation Reforms Implementation strategy (IRIS) with Eureka Education and training consultants. Other project undertakne recently include: Feasibility study for Kieni Irrigation investment as the agronomist in the team, a project on  value chain analysis (VCA) for the ShoMap (a horticultural project) of the Ministry of Agriculture in Meru and Embu districts to help develop a system to increase the small holder producer profits from the horticultural farming.; an assignment with NIB on a study to develop an irrigation data base in the North Rift with PALKAR consulting engineers as the agronomist/agriculture expert in the team; Development of leadership capacity of the community leaders and the project managers of the 410 bridge International organization in the country; A lead consultant where he  facilitated a PRA training of trainers’ course for the entire District implementing staff for IFAD funded project on Natural resource management in Mt. Kenya east and thereafter did the backstopping of the PRA exercises.

He was also involved in starting up horticultural farm for growing snow peas, garden peas, French beans and other assorted vegetables Nyeri District Participated in the Strategic plan review process for Kenya Seed Company as the agronomist; Development of out-growers program and ensure that EU market requirements are met at all levels of the production process to assure food safety;  an assignment for WFP to address appropriate ASAL food crops to be grown in ASAL Garissa, Isiolo and Tana River Districts through water harvesting technologies for increased food security at the household level;  team member he was  involved in the review of agro-pastoral sector of Moduli district of the Tanzania government and made appropriate recommendations on the management of degraded lands of the district. He has also worked as a consultant for DFID Nigeria to review the PLA capacity building fund.