Oluoch has Masters in Social Development and Management of Maseno University and Bachelor of Environmental studies (Planning and Management) of Kenyatta University. He also has postgraduate diploma in Environmental Systems Management form Galillee College, Israel. He is registred with NEMA as EIA/EA expert.

He has extensive experience in project management and community mobilization having worked as a project manager with the Kenya Organization of Environmental Education for over 4 years for successful projects such the formulation of the Environmental education curriculum for primary and secondary schools in Kenya.

He has also been in charge of Sustainable Environment and Community Development Project in Kisumu where he has had the mandate to; coordinate all project field activities Undertake financial reporting and project progress reports; Identify and screen potential community based organizations for grant support; Initiate networks and partnerships with other organizations; offer guidance to community members in implementation of community projects; over see community trainings based on their needs guide community members in developing Local Environmental Plans.