Mr Ngatho is a forester with over 7 years experience in forestry and other connected specializations. He has Masters of .Philosophy in Environmental and BSc. (Forestry) both at Moi University. He is also a trained wildlife ranger and environmental impact assessor and auditor. Mr Ngatho has been consulting for HESCo in EIA aspects on forestry for the last three years. He has been involved in such as projects as EIA for reforestation/afforestation of  5000Ha of land in Soysambu for African Forest Ltd, Post Project EIA for projects undertaken by International Rescue committee in Turkana County, EIA for drilling of boreholes in Waingere Community Project, Ndumberi Water Project, Kinyangi-Kakuzi Water Project, EIA for Drip Irrigation for NIB and Katilu Community in Turkana County, EIA for Drip Irrigation for  Kaputirr Resource Management Association ( KARMA) in Kaputirr Location,  Kainuk Location in Turkana County among many others.

He is currently working with Rhino Ark under secondment by KWS as a coordinator for joint surveillance unit for conservation of the Aberdare forest ecosystem.  The project involves the KWS, KFS, Aberdare local communities and the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust. He is responsible for Planning, budgeting and coordinating the joint program surveillance, advocacy & training activities, Giving a networked security monitoring and protection attention on the entire Aberdare ecosystem and unique scattered niche areas, habitat of rare and endangered mountain Bongos within the ecosytem., Liaising with parties and active steering of field advocacy, community trainings & security surveillance, Documenting and reporting field activities and surveillance findings to a network of the parties involved and Managing and supervising a team of local community scouts part of the joint security program. In 2006- 2009 he worked with Green Belt movement as a projects officer with responsibilities such as Liaising with potential public institutions in tree planting campaign on bare lands and degraded forest sites to boost the national tree cover, Steering a tree planting partnership project between the GBM, local communities Kenya Armed Forces and Kenya Prison Service, Consultation, evaluation and monitoring of institution project activities and reporting, training and conducting civic and environmental education seminars for civil servants and Lobbying for public institutions to partner with GBM in its tree planting campaign.