Mr Kamau is a forester with immense experience in natural resource management and community development.  He has Bachelors of Science Degree in Forestry and a Diploma in NGO management.  He is experienced in such areas as Project management, Climate Change, Biodiversity conservation, Forest Management, Environmental Conservation, Community Development, Social/Community Work, Food security, Gender, Policy and advocacy having worked with various organizations for the last twenty years.

He has worked with Green Belt Movement as a senior projects officer where he was responsible for Coordinating, designing, developing and overseeing implementation of tree planting and other community development programs and projects.

Since 2007 he has been working with Integrated Forestry Consultancy and Management Services (IFCMS), a firm involved in forest development and management as a Partner.  With IFCMS he has been responsible for project Management, project implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation in such projects as  Preparation of Participatory Forest Management Plans, Training in Participatory Forest Management, Training in Sustainable Forest Management, Climate change- Mitigation, Adaptation , financing and technology transfer ,Environmental conservation, Tree Planting ,Tree Nursery Management and Cultural and Eco- tourism.

He also worked with JICA Africa and TICAD conferences between 2006- 2009 as a contributing environmentalist to the work of JICA Africa and the preparations of TICAD 4 of 2008 in Tokyo Japan. For two years he actively participated in preparation of the strategic plan for 2008 – 2012 for JICA Africa. He also presented environmental based scientific papers in various conferences held in Africa such as Nairobi Kenya, Lusaka Zambia, and Accra Ghana. While in October 2007 I presented an environmental paper in a ten day work shop held at Tokyo Japan in preparation of TICAD 4, held in April 2008 (Tokyo international conference on Africa development) organized by JICA Japan. The rallying calls for TICAD 4 were environment, human security & rights, investment and economic growth in Africa.