Mr Haroub has MSc. in Energy of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology. At heartland, Mr Haroub is responsible for managing implementation of various environmental projects. He has carried out Environmental Risk and Impact Assessment studies for over 250 sites in Kenya and Sub-Sahara Africa and still actively involved in Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk Management studies for the service and production industries in Africa. He is familiar with soil sampling protocols, sample collection equipment preparation and equipment de-contamination. He is also familiar with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), World Bank (WB) and European Union (EU) environmental protection requirements and standards.

Mr Haroub is currently the lead environmental manager for various project implemented by Heartland Environmental consultants.


In addition, he has carried out environmental audits and risk assessment studies of petroleum release sites in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, Mauritius and Uganda for Shell & BP and Mobil Oil Company Kenya Limited. Mr Haroub has carried out environmental audits of the Magadi Soda Company’s existing soda ash factory, Magadi Rail, and their Mombasa Shed and Ship loading facilities as well as few irrigation sites in Kenya. He is a Registered Lead Environmental Impact Assessor / Environmental Audit Expert with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)