Eng. Muchemi is a registered civil engineer with well over 20 years working as a private consultant and in the public sector. Recently he was a team leader responsible for the preparation of design and tender documents for forty four number villages in the districts of Njombe, Songea, Mufindi and Namtumbo in Tanzania under the World Bank funded Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program for SPL-GITEC & ADCL based in Njombe and Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania. He has also held a position of   Managing Director reporting to the NWCPC Board of Directors  responsible for the implementation of the boards decisions and providing leadership to the employees which entailed; Carrying out the day to day business of the corporation; Developing of and recommending to the board long term strategies, annual operating budgets and establishing proper internal monitoring and control systems; Ensuring effective communication between management and the board; Ensuring continua’s improvement in quality and value of services provided by the corporation; Ensuring continuous achievement of the corporation’s financial and operating goals; Principal spokesperson of the corporation and Project Manager for the construction of Sasumua Cofferdam and emergency spillway for the Athi Water Services Board. NWCPC acted as the Contractor.

Other relevant positions held Head of Construction reporting directly to MD NWCPC while in charge of all Preparation of work plans, procurement plans and cash flow plans for the department and supervision of the implementation of the same. The project was aimed at Increasing the countries water storage by 5 million cubic meters through the desilting of 200 number small dams/pans and construction of 64 number new dams/pans in 52 districts of Kenya; Improving availability and reliability of water by drilling and equipping at least 188 number boreholes in 51 districts of Kenya; Carrying out some flood mitigation works in the Nzoia, Nyando and Tana Basins by construction of dykes, drainage channels and gabions; Building institutional capacity to enable the corporation undertake its new mandates by rehabilitation of plant and equipment.

Eng Muchemi has also been the Chief Regional Manager Nairobi Region reporting directly to MD NWCPC & Chief Operations& maintained Manager where he was in charge of all the operations and maintenance aspects of the water supplies in the then newly formed Nairobi Region. Nairobi region covered the Kajiado-Isenya water supply, Kiserian water supply, Masinga-Kitui water supply, Kiambu and Kijabe water supplies.

The project works were as follows: -Ensuring adequate and quality water is provided at all the water supplies; Setting up mechanisms that ensure timely repairs and preventive maintenances are carried out; Preparation of work plans, procurement plans and cash flow plans for the region and supervision of the implementation of the same; Monitoring and enhancing revenue collection; Negotiating with difficult water defaulters; Ensuring that all the schemes have adequate resources to enable them meet their targets; Establishment, development as well as supervision of an effective team to run all the aspects of the then newly formed region; Coordination and reporting to the head office  and Agreeing with the area managers work programs, setting performance targets against which their performance could be measured.

Other assignments have also included various environmental studies and sectoral reviews covering water, forestry, energy, livestock, agriculture, education, sociological and gender issues, and settlements. He is a Registered Lead Environmental Impact Assessor / Environmental Audit Expert with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)